Government Transparency

Too much legislating happens in darkness, behind closed doors, and hundreds of miles away. Even if you are in full support of your representative, it’s impossible to actually talk to them and hold them accountable.

As your future representative, I believe it is my job to serve as your voice in Washington D.C., and to do that, I want to hear from you. In May 2019, I quit my full-time job as a college professor so that I can be accountable and available full-time to my district throughout this campaign. You want to get in contact with me? Do it: or call/text 251-235-1012 (please be respectful that bedtime for my kids is 7:30pm). Or, find me at PTA meetings, T-ball games, church service, or the supermarket. I live here, in AL-01. I will be here, in AL-01, for my constituents, for my family, for my friends. Once I’m your House Representative, that won’t change.

I also believe transparency should not be left up to individual legislators to define for themselves. As such, I will push for stronger open-records legislation across the board.